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Positivity. Kindness. Creativity. Earthy peridot birthstone is a glassy yellow-green, born of volcanic eruptions. Like peridot birthstone rings, August birthstone jewelry has strong grounding effects.

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Cushion-Cut Peridot & Lab-Created White Sapphire Earring, Pendant & Ring Set in Sterling Silver
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Oval-shaped Peridot & White Sapphire Halo Ring in Sterling Silver
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Multi-Gemstone Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $299.99 to $224.99
Peridot and Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)
Price reduced from $599.99 to $399.99
Oval Peridot & Diamond Accent Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $499.99 to $349.99
Peridot & 1/10 ct. tw. Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold
Price reduced from $699.99 to $549.99
Peridot & Diamond Accent Earrings in 10K Rose Gold
Price reduced from $499.99 to $349.99

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With an invigorating bright green hue, August's birthstone captivates the eye. Said to elicit positive energy, peridot looks gorgeous in rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The warm, green-yellow color stands out brilliantly against yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver. Peridot pieces also have a universally flattering effect that pairs well with a variety of gemstone jewelry. Whatever your style, Helzberg's extensive selection allows you to keep your look consistent or mix things up with a spectrum of gemstone colors.

Add a flash of color to your fingers with striking peridot rings. These vibrant pieces make bold statements that demand attention. Weare an emerald-cut, oval or classic round peridot solitaire or choose designs accented with diamonds for dazzling depth.

Bursting with lively green intensity, August's birthstone elevates any look. Delicate pendants feature unbroken strings of glittering peridot gems that complement a variety of ensembles. This stunning gem beams especially bright for an August birthday and bestows its greatness on all gemstone lovers, no matter the birth month.

Looking for a compelling way to punctuate your best look? Peridot stud earrings add a discreet but beautiful accent to any outfit. Prefer to make a powerful statement? Larger peridot drop earrings can be the standout star of your ensemble.

Whatever their birthstone, whatever the occasion, Helzberg has a diverse selection of sublime jewelry gifts for every style and every budget.