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Loyalty. Trust. Gratitude. Often dark red, our January birthstone jewelry varies in tone. Explore January birthstone rings, necklaces and accessories with pairings like garnet and diamond rings.

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Oval Garnet & Lab-Created White Sapphire Earring, Pendant & Ring Set in Sterling Silver
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Garnet & Diamond Accent Cushion-Cut Halo Boxed Set in Sterling Silver
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Oval Garnet Ring with Lab-Created White Sapphires in 10K Yellow Gold
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Amethyst & Garnet Pave Diamond Wrap Ring in 10K Yellow Gold (1/10 ct. tw.)
Price reduced from $799.99 to $499.99

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Garnet is the bold earthy gemstone of January, thought to ignite joy, passion and energy. Appearing in contemporary and antique settings, these vibrant gems look lovely paired with stones of contrasting colors.

Known for its deep red hue, garnet is available in a wide range of colors, the rarest being blue. With a rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale for hardness, garnets stand up to everyday wear. And with an attractive price, these gems appeal to any budget in a variety of jewelry styles.

Explore Helzberg's January birthstone jewelry and find an inspired piece for your collection.

january birthstone rings

Add a flicker of fire to your finger with a stylish garnet ring. From smoky brown to ruby red, January's birthstone sparkles with color. Named for the colorful pomegranate, this lovely gem truly shines amid Helzberg's selection of fashionable rings. Discover artfully crafted pieces in white, yellow and romantic rose gold.

Wreath your neckline in deep red beauty with a January birthstone necklace. Garnet necklaces are a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection. Helzberg showcases this alluring gem in a variety of pieces for elegant events and everyday wear. Shop for yourself or find an inspired jewelry gift for the special people in your life.

Make a big impression with a pair of bold garnet earrings. Discover stylish studs, beautiful hoops and deep red drops for every occasion and budget. Complete the look with a matching January birthstone bracelet and necklace in matching sterling silver or gold.

The January birthstone isgarnet. This birthstone symbolizes many good things, such as friendship, loyalty, trust, and safe travels. Garnet is a timeless birthstone that has been used since the time of ancient Egypt - and is still in style. While you can find it in a variety of colors, the birthstone is most widely associated with dark red or deep brown colors, and the name of the stone has Latin roots that reference the seed of a pomegranate, which is a similar color.

Birthstonesare gems and other minerals that are associated with a month. This is a tradition that dates back to Biblical times, and through history it was customary to wear the stone associated with the current month during that time, then switch to the next birthstone during the next month. In addition, this was before stones could be identified as precisely as they can be today, so the identities of some of the original stones are unknown. It's only in the last century that the current list has been standard, and since then, it has been more appropriate to wear your birthstone all year 'round.

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