november birthstone jewelry: citrine

Warmth. Happiness. Abundance. Citrine is the cheery November birthstone. Exhibiting shades of orange and yellow, November birthstone jewelry, like rings and necklaces, radiates light and good fortune.

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Citrine Stud Earrings with Heart Baskets in Sterling Silver
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Citrine Solitaire Pendant in Sterling Silver
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Diamond & Citrine Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold
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Citrine Stack Ring in 10K Yellow Gold
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Multi-Gemstone Band in 10K Yellow Gold
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Belle Citrine & Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver & 10K Yellow Gold
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Oval Citrine & Diamond Accent Ring in 14K Yellow Gold
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Citrine & Diamond Accent Bee Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold
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Citrine Earrings with Brown Topaz & Diamond Accent in 10K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $599.99 to $399.99
Citrine Ring with Brown Topaz and Diamond in 10K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $899.99 to $599.99

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Inspiration and self-improvement. Hope, positivity and prosperity. Citrine symbolizes many things. With a warm golden-yellow hue, November's birthstone is said to be energizing, comforting and life-giving. Its cheerful color also pairs beautifully with a variety of precious metals to make breathtaking jewelry pieces.

Searching for a striking diamond alternative? Citrine engagement rings are a mesmerizing choice. The golden yellow gem brings compelling color to the finger. It also sparkles in a harmonious union with yellow, white and rose gold.

The cheerful gem offers a spark of stunning light in the dark winter months. A relatively hard stone, citrine is durable enough to withstand years of everyday wear. It also comes in a gorgeous range of shades, from pale to deep, intense yellow.

Add a flash of vibrant yellow to your fingers with striking citrine rings. These vivid pieces make bold, beautiful statements that command attention. Choose an emerald-cut, oval or classic round citrine solitaire or select designs accented with scintillating diamonds for glittering depth.

We also have a variety of citrine rings in silver, yellow gold and white gold settings. Citrine birthstones add warmth and color to stackable rings

Bring a lovely splash of color to your neckline with a mesmerizing citrine necklace from Helzberg. November's birthstone brings an element of intrigue to your ensemble. The surprisingly versatile gems also pair well with rose, white and yellow gold.

Searching for an impactful jewelry gift? Consider a beautiful citrine bolo bracelet in stunning sterling silver. Looking for something truly special? Select a breathtaking citrine bracelet with lab-created white sapphires and watch them smile from ear to ear.

Treat that special someone to a set of citrine earrings surrounded by fiery white diamonds. These stunners up your wow factor and add a little bling to formal occasions. Celebrate birthdays and other milestone moments with a citrine earring and necklace set.

Simple studs with citrine birthstones are also great choices for teens and young adults. Sterling silver settings provide a beautiful and cost-effective way to introduce teens to the joys of jewelry.